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Do you have questions regarding modernizing and digitizing IT Operations, Business Processes and Technical support? We'd love to help you accomplish your business and IT goals. 

CSS Corp is a new age IT Services and Technology Support company that harnesses the power of digital to address customer needs. CSS Corp helps companies in Telecom, Media, Technology, Retail, Consumer Goods, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare to drive highest level of predictability, improve Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPC) and help them drive new sources of competitive differentiation. We are a team of 5,500 technology professionals across 16 global locations are passionate about helping customers differentiate and succeed.

Key Services Include:

  • Tech Support Services - Modernize your support operations and convert your contact center in to a revenue center through our data-driven tech support services.
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Services - Accelerate your cloud adoption and streamline IT operations through our industrialized cloud migration, intelligent automation, business service desk and managed network services for Telcos and OEMs.
  • Digital Services - Re-imagine customer engagements and drive seamless customer experience through our AI, analytics, digital content management, digital operations and product engineering services. 

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